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Web Technology |

Types and Understanding of Web Technology

Over time, technology has developed very rapidly, including website technology. In order to improve web technology development, a programmer is required to apply the latest technology to what he has designed.

However, designing a website technology is not an easy matter, many internal and external challenges must be overcome. Failure is inevitable when programmers want to create the latest web technology.

Web Application

Web application is an application in the form of a client or server that can form web pages based on user demand. Client is the user who requests a web page while the server is a service provider that serves requests from the user. Client and Server related in an internet or intranet network.

There are many things that have changed in the world of IT including technology for programmers and there is a very rapid transition of technology and platforms. This year there are some very interesting technologies to learn including the following:


  • Android Studio
  • PHP Modern Programming
  • HTML 5 Platform
  • Blogging Platform
  • Graphic Design for Developers


Android Studio

Android Studio is the next step in Android programming. If you are still in love with Eclipse, leave gradually and convert all eclipse projects to Android Studio. Android studio offers a variety of features that Eclipse does not have. In addition, the UI Designer display is also very easy to use, the gradual build feature is also sophisticated without having to put the jar library into the lib folder and all other features.


.PHP Modern Programing

Since PHP was popular in Indonesia around the 2000s, there have been dozens and maybe hundreds of books that teach about PHP, the pattern is almost the same, namely Coding with structural style and using the classic MySQL functions.


.HTML5 Platform                                           

HTML5 technology is actually a collection of browser technology that consists of HTML technology. Javascript and PHP with various tools and frameworks in it. For HTML5, I suggest just focusing on one platform or framework. Life is a choice and indeed we must choose. 2 Frameworks that are very popular are React and Angular JS. Another technology that needs to be is the CSS Framework.


Blogging Platform

There are 2 very famous Blog platforms namely WordPress and Blogger. The basic difference between the two is that the one is open source and the second is Software as Service (SaaS). For WordPress we can develop new themes or new platforms. Blogger is not as free as WordPress. What we can do is create a blogger theme and create a Widget. Actually there is one more feature for programmers in blogger, the blogger API that allows us to integrate blogger into our application.


Graphic Design for Developers

For this point it’s special and very special for myself. Honestly, I am “Suck at Design” and the average developer is the same. Understand it, developers think logically and systematically. While designers use feelings and freedom of imagination.



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