The company has devised terms and conditions for ease of customers to comprehend the rules and regulations put down to conserve some rights of company.
You are requested to read the following terms and conditions carefully when you accept these, and you are bound to abide by these as per company rules.

  • This is the official website for content writing services owned by, and the company has all the legal rights of the site.
  • After registering for our services, you approve of getting all updates and promotional emails and messages from the company.
  • We are not liable for late deliveries if the customer does not provide the exact address or customer ask to stop processing due to some changes.
  • The company will not be accountable for any activities or fraud is done by customers after getting our services or products.
  • We have all rights to perform any alteration in website terms and conditions without notifying the customers. During alterations, customers may not be able to use services, and the company will not be held accountable for that.
  • You are subjected to use this website for only legal purposes, and you are not approved to use it for illegal purposes such as intruding rights, harassment and hacking, and many more.
  • The company will immediately reject any requests for content encouraging child abuse, racism, bullying, and violation of laws.
  • We do not provide any guarantee for the invasion of the virus into your computer by using our website or slowing down your speed of the system. As our website is free of such risks, but we are not liable for any damage to your system.
  • The company will not be liable for the inconvenience you face while placing or getting your order due to hurdles from your side, such as the low speed of the internet or loss of connection, etc.
  • The company owns all rights to decline any order in case of any violation of company rules and regulations, which are terms and conditions general.
  • The site provides several services and products related to content marketing to customers who are in need of content such as articles, blogs, newsletter, business proposal, speech writing and many more by authorised writers and company has all rights for ownership of content until customer make payment and received content from us.
  • The company will not be held accountable in case of any loss or damage to business or website or company of customers after getting our content because we do not provide any warranties or guarantees for the immediate up rise of your business after getting our content. In short, the company do not provide a guarantee for human error.
  • We want to inform all our prospective customers about order placement and getting access to the site in advance. Customers will need to fil a form or order placement online form present on our website. They will need to provide their personal information such as name, email, contact number for order processing and they have to deliver original and correct information otherwise the company will not be liable any troubles in service availability. Also, in case of false and misguiding information company will have the right to decline your requests and orders.
  • The company facilitate all right to the customer to use the content for marketing and web purposes. But customers will not possess the ownership of content until full payment is made by the customer to the company after which he will get all ownership of content delivered by the company.
  • The company holds copyright claims and trademark protection of this site. All the content, information, data is secured by the company with copyrights rules. It comprises of all images, content, names, services, products. All this stuff is owned by the company. The company has all rights to take action against any kind of law violation.
  • If you have read all terms and conditions, you have the rights to continue or leave our site. These terms and conditions are placed for the safety of company rights and property.

For getting additional details, you can contact our customer support service via email or message. Our agents are 24/7 available to help you.

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