Refund policy

The company has provided refund service for satisfaction of customers.ou can get refund only when:

  • The work on your content is not started, and in this case, you can ask for a refund within one week after payment. There will be deductions in a total amount of refund for transactions dues.
  • If the work is begun on your content, then you are not applicable for any refund besides if the refund request is made after passing of one week time of payment processing and our writers did not start writing your content.
  • If due to some issues and disturbance in services, our writers are not able to create your content, we will provide a full refund for you.
  • Still after getting several revisions, if you are not satisfied, then you can send us a refusal request for your order. The company will analyse your request for the decline of your order and refund your amount. Still, the decision will be made by the company after checking the valid reasons you provided for refusal and a refund of your request. 
  • In the rare case of if we were unable to write your content due to rush orders or may be other due to some other reasons in, we will provide a refund to your amount with an apology. You can then request again by placing an order with us, this time we will ensure on-time delivery.
  • The company will consider your refund request only if it is made within 15 days of delivery of your work. After time passed, the company will not provide any kind of refund due to the late request. 

Besides, if you have complaints and objections about our work delivered to you, send us your queries and we will review your requests and will act accordingly whether your application is valid for refund or not.

You can ask more from us by contacting us via email or message to our team.

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