Privacy policy

The privacy policy of our company has been designed to ensure the safe usage of personal details of customers.

  • pk protects the personal information of its customers by ensuring the secure processing of that information.
  • The company will not share your private details with any third party without the consent of the user.

What type of information does the company need from you?

We ask you to provide only personal details to continue your order with us. We may require to take the following information from you.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number 
  4. Your requirements

Moreover, the company may get access to your following information, just to know your preferences about services.

  1. The web browser you use to search for us
  2. Websites link which refers us
  3. The IP address for preferences

Besides, we may use some cookies which can be removed easily if you want or gets cleared after some time automatically. 

These private details will be recorded in our secure records and will not be disclosed to any other person. Besides, we will ask you to choose your category of service you want to avail from us. You will be given an online form to fill all details to place an order with us on our official website. 

How we process your information?

Since we provide various types of services for you, so we want to satisfy our customers about the secure usage of their information.

Thus, we utilize your details for below-mentioned processes.

  • To ensure booking of your order with us
  • To keep in touch with the customer for updating him about the work process
  • To attain feedback from the client about our work
  • To send updates of daily packages and new offers for clients
  • To ensure customized services for you, we make use of your personal information to meet your all requirements.
  • Your information assists us to respond to your queries and requests in an effective way by answering your emails or messages; thus, it helps us to improve our customer services for your assistance. 
  • We only process your details for payment processing or transactions. It will not be exposed, transferred or exchanged with any other party without your consent.
  • We deliver your products or services to you by using your personal information as it helps to deliver your order quickly and safely. 

How we make your information save and secure?

We have made a wide range of safety designs to protect your data and personal information. 

  • Once you have placed your order with us by providing us with right and correct information about you, your data is saved by our company.
  • We have security, technology and measures where we utilize our safety servers to keep the record of your information and data. 
  • Our payment gateways are facilitated with your information through protected servers where access to your data is denied for any other person besides the company itself.
  • After your payment is made safely, we do not keep a record of your payment cards, numbers or any other financial information in our records.

Thus, we provide complete confidentiality for your given information.
You are requested to read out our policy terms before placing your order to get satisfaction about the confidentiality of your data.

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