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Nine Incredible Record-Shattering Longest Music Marathons |

There are nine dedicated feats of musicians who tried to break the world record by creating the longest marathons. Here are the only nine exceptional music rhymes.

  1. Extensive new style rap marathon with duration of 25 hours, 56 minutes & 4 seconds

Pablo Alvarez of LA of Good Bison his victory was on 31 August 2017 when he was trying to create a symphony for more than 24 hours. At last, he was succeeded to take ideas from the crowd as he took the help of fanbase of Good Bison and asked people on social media to give some ideas for rhymes.  We have all listened to the Fire in the Booth, and we also have some prediction that it will be spread to the whole world.

  1. Stretched harmonica solo – based on 24 hours

Bonny B. is a Cambodian who runs a club in Switzerland, and he began the victory as he shattered the world record of 24 hour-long harmonica solo. But he only started his world record-breaking as he just made the victory to start a school for the poor children in Cambodia.

  1. Drumbeat of 14 hours.

Pandit Sudharshan was selected to play the drum roll for about 14 hours at London Enterprise institution.The drum roll involves the complex activities comprising striking the drums with sticks on the drum in a constant rattling music and is completely levelled by the vibrant crests.

  1. Best Elvis ding of 43 hours, 11 minutes & 11 seconds

Elvis Presley, is a man who made record-breaking fastest marathon by himself in 2009. The record was broken at Seattle marathon. In 2004, Thomas recorded the longest ever songs of the King for extended 43 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds involving the excellent record of saying the thank you very much initially.

  1. The karaoke diva king

There was ultimate karaoke diva Leonardo Plverelli the karaoke king as he recorded about 12295 songs. The top was 101 hours longest karaoke marathon.

  1. The beatbox of 25 hours & 30 minutes

Peter Wehrmann is a German native as he laid the foundation of a marathon beatbox of about 25 hours and 30 minutes in the premier Hotel in Berlin, 2012. He was a fan of rock music who brought a revolution in beatboxing.



  1. The flute performance


Katherine Brookes shattered the world record by showing her talent of playing lengthier solo flute for 25 hours and 48 minutes. She was collecting money for cancer patients an her achievement was dedicated to charity.

  1. A guitarist and his solo performance

David Browne has broken the world record by playing the guitar for 114 hours, six minutes and 30 seconds. He was appreciated by the audience for his performance full of effort and energies.

  1. Persistent vocals for 1 minute & 52 seconds

A Turkish native rock fan Alpaslan Durmus made a Guinness Book of world record by keeping the most extended persistent vocal notes for 1 minute and 52 seconds. He was a deserving candidate for Guinness world award.

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