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How Games Can Impact Our Brains |

Researchers and scientists have conducted experiments and assembled the information about impacts of gaming on our mind and physiological health. The recent research has found that the gaming primarily video gaming can affect the parts of our brain, which are specific for creating responses and skills of our minds. Visuospatial effects of gaming trigger the role of our brain, which is related to stimulate our memories and these sometimes response more effectively to specific reactions.

Gaming as means of entertainment

You are not alone video gaming addict; there are millions of teenager and adults who have become addicted to video gaming. The reason is that technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives as people of high age are more attached to video games and teenagers love to spend their time playing games. The digitalization and internet of things have made it easier for youngsters to play different types of games. These people only consider these as a mode of entertainment as they do not have sufficient knowledge of the negative and positive effects of gaming.  As scientists have succeeded in conducting various experiments to know the physiological effects and real imperative advantages if these have for the human mind.

Marc Palaus and his studies on mind and video gaming:

Since the last decade, the media have made many startling assertions about video gaming and its effects on our body and mood. Games are often encouraged but are demotivated by parents. Besides, gaming is a crucial matter and everyone love to pass comments on this topic. And it is well discussed by the Marc Palaus as his views on gaming have been addressed in the article named as Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Marc and his co-workers wished to investigate any information that has been drawn from the study on the impacts of video gaming on the overall functioning and system of our mind. They assembled the information for almost 116 journals of science and out of these 22 were based on the study of alterations in the structure of brains and 100 journals have research study on the impact of gaming on the function and activity of the brain.

The effects of gaming on attentions and reactions of brain

The research has shown the results about the changes how could our brain be affected with the gaming and the functioning can be altered. For instance, the primary attention of our brain is diverted by gaming, and other studies have also indicated that games have directed the positive and dedicated attention in our mind. There are two kinds of care, the selective attention and the other is sustained attention. Thus the parts of stimulated attention remain active, and they require less potential or attention while doing some demanding jobs.

How the brain reactsto exposure of games?

Is there any meaning of these all brain changes? We have maintained our research around the reactions of the brain to video gaming only as we have not analyzed the aftermath of changes in our actual life. As more and more addicting games are coming in markets as described by Marc and they are still in the process of assessing the central perspective of games as to how these game activate specific regions of our mind and thus, in conclusion, it is possible that gaming has positive benefits as these stimulate motor skills and our attention, but there is also a dark side of gaming as these can lead to self-addiction which might be detrimental for your physical health.

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