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Debate on Standard of Coaching In Education |

Brief Introduction of Standard of Instruction

The specific language which is used to teach others or give commands is regarded as standard of instruction. Often it is not official language of country however it may be language that is utilized at international level to communicate particularly English. Throughout the world, every field has different language necessities to flourish.  In addition, in most countries there have been new efforts to bring in bilingual or multilingual learning systems so that people from any country can benefit from this system. It has been said that for a country the most effective way to teach or guide children is use of its mother tongue so that they can apprehend everything quite comprehensively.

Issues We Are Dealing

Child development and literacy rates are said to be related to the issues of language by researchers and philosophers. Cognitive enlargement of children depends on language in which they are learning and developing skills while if they have freedom to understand things in mother language then they will be more logical in thinking.

The legendary scholar from India has said that a child makes use of about seventeen seconds to translate a word from any other language into his own mother language and then he takes another same amount of time to re- translate the same word into foreign language in which he is being coached. Critics would have imagined that we have overcome all difficulties of illiteracy which are more likely to be lack of funding, infrastructures and awareness- that is not true at all.

It has been an issue in so many countries particularly in Asia where English language is preferred as learning medium. Not only in teaching it has been problematic for people but also in so many fields like business, trade, private firms and Govt offices there are always concerns of language efficiency.

We Have Politicized the Language Matter

Unfortunately, due to lack of proper discussions and analytical data on language, we have mixed the language and education. In educational sector, education is being delivered to teach only language although they have no appropriate proposal about medium of instruction which should be utilized to coach students. We really cannot ignore such volatility which is being shown by all institutions and Govt officials around the world.

It is a well-known fact that cognitive thinking nourishes only if a child is given training in his choice of language which is undoubtedly his mother language. Our policy makers and philosophers have been failed to such extent that they are all unable to devise some coherent ways to tackle this issue while they all prefer international standards to be followed in our educational systems. One of the researchers from Toronto University has narrated that if one child is rejected from university only because of his freedom of choice to use his mother language as media of knowledge then you will be actually rejecting the child himself not his language.

Why English Is Preferred Usually

The second most spoken language in the world is English which is also used at international level to communicate as well as trade by different countries and entities. Besides western countries, Asian countries are adopting systems in which English can be made official language as we all know that in Asia almost all countries have official language English only because of demand and urgency of English at international level.

All major global universities and institutions have made English skills compulsory to take admission otherwise you cannot make in college or university. Therefore these institutions demand special English language requirement tests so that they can assess the abilities and skills of aspirants.

Strategies Which Are Used By Countries to Solve Issue

Countries using bilingual and multilingual education systems:

Asian Countries have planned certain strategies to cope with this issue. In most countries, multilingual systems have been launched to look up the standards of teaching systems and to facilitate every field with better understanding and communication skills. Like in sub-continental countries their native languages are different but official language is English. They have divided all sectors with respect to each language. For example they have made necessary to teach their teenagers in native languages till middle standard of schooling while higher education in these countries is set in English.  Bangladesh is said to prefer English and Bengali both in schools and universities which is a positive aspect towards bilingual systems.

In African Countries , Zambia , South Africa, Namibia these are African countries which prefer schooling their children in homeland language until 4th or 5th grade then they make it obligatory to teach in English so that their kids might get to understand international policies as people from other world can correlate easily while being native English speakers.

There are so many countries around the world which are quite advanced in establishment of multiple lingual systems. For instance in Canada there is bilingual system of education where English and French are used in primary and secondary schools. Few regions of country use only French language. Similarly in United States, multiple languages English, French and Spanish are employed in educational institutions. There have been also Native American Indian languages in the region which are spoken as well as media of schooling till primary.

In European Countries like in France there is strict law for using only French language in schools and similarly in Belgium only French is brought in for schooling. In Italy, only Italian and French languages are preferred in schools.

Possible solutions for resolving language related issues

Researchers and thinkers have put forward the brilliant ideas to resolve massive challenges. They insist on using native or home languages for basic nursing of small children. Moreover we can only resolve the issues of illiteracy only if we introduce some of the best multiple language education systems. Nevertheless, Policy makers should come with better approaches of skill and communication development which is desperately needed at school level. We should not inflict burden on children at small age by commanding them to learn foreign language as they cannot perceive so efficiently at that stage.

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