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Coronavirus Current Condition In Pakistan |

The novel coronavirus reached Pakistan on 26 February 2020 when the first case of the corona appeared in Karachi, who came from Iran. It was mid of March when all most in the four provinces cases of coronavirus was reported. In March, experts said that about 80 % of cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan were from Iran and only 20 % were due to local contacts between them.

It is a fact that Pakistan is under developing country and pandemic has hit it badly. There was an economic crisis in the country already and Pakistan was struggling to overcome the global deficit. There are several things with which Pakistan is dealing, along with pandemics like poverty, unemployment, economic debt, social crimes and international challenges. All countries in the world have adopted strict measures to contain the virus, but it does not seem in Pakistan until yet because cases are not enough according to some analysts of Pakistan that’s why Pakistan still has not imposed complete lock down although there are strict lock down conditions in only Sindh.

Current Cases of Virus in Pakistan

According to the Government of Pakistan, there are 16817 new cases of coronavirus in Pakistan and 385 deaths have been reported in the whole country due to pandemic and there are about 4315 persons have been recovered from illness in the country as new data of May 1. The most cases of the virus have been reported in Punjab province with almost over 6340 cases, while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is at the top in a number of most deaths above 150. Sindh is on the second number in terms of most cases of coronavirus, with 6053 cases that have been appeared in Sindh.

Due to fear of pandemic chief ministers of all provinces announced partial lock downs in all provinces on April 1st. Then it was extended due to ongoing conditions of virus. Now it has been extended until 9th may by the federal government. It was announced by the minister of development Asad Umar to lengthen the lock down for further two weeks until 14th April to contain the virus. Moreover, on 14th April, due to ongoing conditions, the federal government decided to again take the lock down to 30th April. After that on 24ht April, there was an official decree to increase the lock down until 9th May.

Implications created due to pandemic in the country


At the end of March, due to partial lock downs imposed by provincial ministers, the whole transportation system across the country was stopped, although only with permission of Prime minister only transport of essential goods was still in progress. On 29th March prime minister of Pakistan allowed opening highways and roads to ensure the transportation of goods and goods carrying trains were also allowed to ensure the exchange of goods in the country.  Prime minister of Pakistan also asked the provincial government of all provinces to take strict action against the smugglers and misers during these lock downs to overcome the food crisis. The provincial high courts ordered for the immediate release of prisoners who were under trial or accused of small crimes. However, the supreme court of Pakistan took notice of this issue and refrained all courts and agencies from any measures to release the under trial prisoners.


Pakistan has closed down its entire borders with India, Iran and China due to fear of the virus. No international flights were allowed in the country until 4th April. Strict testing systems have been employed on international airports in the country to check all travelers for the virus.

Measures were taken by the country to contain a virus

Ban on Social Gatherings

Pakistan’s government has imposed strict partial lock down across the whole country to stop the spread of Covid-19. The government announced to close all schools, universities and colleges across the country until 31 may. Only few government and media institutions are allowed to conduct their daily activities to play a significant role in this crisis situation of the country. In addition, there was strict social measure were taken by the government in which all congregational meetings, social gatherings, festivals, events like marriages and sports activities were banned in the whole country.

No Businesses are allowed

The provincial governments took some other restrictions in which all shops, restaurants, hotels and markets were not allowed until a small relief in lockdown was given by provincial governments. Then theses sops, hotels, medical pharmacies were allowed for an only specific time after which they were supposed to close all their businesses. People were asked to stay at home in quarantine during these critical situations. However, only in an emergency, one person per bike or two persons in a public car were allowed in the country. People were advised to wear masks whenever they come outside in public places and these measures were strictly reinforced in Punjab and Sindh. If anyone breaks the rule, he will be fined heavily. There are also checkpoints for the strict enforcement of measures in the country.

Quarantine places and Isolation centers

People who suffer symptoms or who come from foreign with tested positive for the virus are kept in separate quarantine centers, which are built by the government in the whole country.  Some big shopping malls and public hotels have been converted into quarantine places to keep patients and persons with symptoms of the virus. Strict measures have been implied to take care of these places and local people are not allowed to go there.

People are advised to follow official government guidelines or media updates before making any type of movement during the lock down.  People are allowed to come outside only in medical conditions and when they are going for some edible stuff. Like medical pharmacies and hospitals are open for the public to come during a specific time. Similarly, edible markets are opened so that the food crisis won’t happen in the country. While doing so people are advised to follow restrictions and rules of the government.


The Pakistani government has made a helpline of 1166 regarding corona virus in the country people who suffer mild symptoms of virus like fever, cough and breathing issues should contact on this helpline. There is also one emergency app for media personnel if they are threatened by symptoms of virus they can contact helplines by this app.

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